Here’s the Tiny Whoop clone setup that I’m planning on flying this upcoming season. I’ve been really happy with BetaFPV parts so I’ve gone all in with them.

If you’re upgrading just an FC or swapping out motors, all in you’re only dropping $123.95 (before shipping) on everything. Pretty reasonable price point and hopefully it’s low enough to entice some new Tiny Whoop pilots into the community.

BETAFPV 7x16mm 17500KV Brushed Motors

These are the faster Tiny Whoop motors in the 7mm version but only 16mm (instead of 20mm commonly found on the 75mm versions). This allows you to fly bigger motors in the smaller 65s (65mm) frame!

BETAFPV H02 FPV AIO Camera 5.8G 40CH 25mW Transmitter

Compact camera that easily allows you to swap channels and displays what channel it’s currently using via LEDs on the back of the camera. Also supports OSD!

BETAFPV F3 Brushed Flight Controller Integrated with OSD and Frsky Receiver]

F3 Flight Controller with OSD that works with Frsky Recievers and comes with Betaflight already loaded

BETAFPV Beta65S 65mm Whoop Frame with 7x16mm 17500KV Brushed Motors

This frame kit comes with the 65mm frame AND a set of 7x16 motors. Going with this frame will get you an extra set of motors in the event you need them. Also comes with a battery holder and props

BETAFPV 8pcs 260mAh HV 1S Lipo Battery 30C 4.35V with JST-PH 2.0

Because I stepped up to 7mm motors I wanted to step up my 1S batteries as well. I was worried my 205mAh weren’t going to cut it. So far these have performed very well.