PHP User Group Sticker Exchange 2016

Joe • August 31, 2016

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The Idea

I started a thread on the PHP UG Admins email list of doing a User Group sticker exchange and the idea took off pretty quickly. The idea is that user groups that want to participate send stickers to a central location. Stickers are then broken up into packets where every group that sent stickers will receive a packet of stickers from all the other user groups.

The Plan

The goal would be for every user group to send ~50 stickers (Some are sending much more). Michelangelo Van Dam will be coordinating the EU region and Francesco Fullone is organizing in Italy. Francesco will get stickers to Michelangelo and at the php[world] conference in November Michelangelo and I will sit down and distribute all the stickers into packets. This way Michelangelo can take all the packets for the groups outside of North America and I can handle all the North American groups.


I have a google form set up that your user group can fill out to let us know you are participating and how you plan to get your stickers to one of the 3 of us: PHP User Group Sticker Exchange sign up form


If you or your company / organization would like to donate to cover costs of mailing the packets to the user groups please get in touch with me. You can email me at first name @ first name last name dot me. We Don't currently know the exact cost involved because we Don't know how many groups will end up participating.


Q: Why are you doing this?

A: For fun. To show my own user group, MemphisPHP that we're part of a wide and vast worldwide PHP Community.

Q: When do you have to have the stickers?

A: Before Michelangelo and I leave for php[world] (Around November 10th)

Q: I have a Laravel / Other PHP Framework / Web Workers / Technology User group that isn't pure PHP but talks about PHP can I still send stickers and receive a packet?

A: Yes! As long as you're regularly hosting PHP content.

Q: I Don't have stickers?!

A: There is still time (probably!)

Q: Where should I get my stickers made?

A: I recommend Sticker Mule, and if you use this code, you get $10 credit AND OSMI gets $10 credit as well)

Q: I Don't have a logo!

A: I'm no designer, but I've had good luck getting logos created via fiverr.

Q: I'm in! How do I sign up!?

A: Fill out the form here: PHP User Group Sticker Exchange sign up form