Passing the torch of Memphis PHP User Group

Joe • April 10, 2018

community general

In September of 2012 David Haskins and I took over MemphisPHP from Jeremy Kendall. David Haskins and I had never run a user group before but we wanted to ensure MemphisPHP would survive Jeremy moving to Nashville. (Jeremy has since come back to Memphis and once again abandoned us for Austin, TX) The past ~6 years have been pretty amazing as I've learned an amazing amount from running MemphisPHP and been fortunate to represent MemphisPHP at several conferences.

Today I want to announce that the MemphisPHP torch is once again being passed on. This time Bryce Sharp will be taking over as organizer of MemphisPHP. Please join me in welcoming him to the new role of User Group Leader! Make sure you get in touch with him if you want to speak at a MemphisPHP meetup.

What about me? I'm not leaving Memphis. I'm passing the torch so I can spend more time on Open Sourcing Mental Illness, Midsouth Makers, and Memphis Technology Foundation. I look forward to Bryce's leadership and seeing where he takes MemphisPHP.