I always have a hard time figuring out what versions where released when and how much longer we’ll have support for which versions. I decided to do some research and come up with a chart.

General rule is that Laravel will release new version in January and July. (To coincide with Laracon Events) Based on that here’s a current list of Laravel versions and their support dates from Laravel 5.0 to the next 2 planned releases.

Version Released Date End of Bug Fix Updates End of Security Updates
5.0 February 2015 August 2016 February 2016
5.1 (LTS) June 2015 June 2017 June 2018
5.2 December 2015 June 2016 December 2016
5.3 September 2016 March 2017 September 2017
5.4 January 2017 June 2017 January 2018
5.5 July 2017 January 2018 July 2018