When I started speaking at technical events and conferences in 2015 Joind.in was critical in my growing as a presenter and speaker. I’m proud of the speaker I am today in part by how Joind.in facilitated the feedback that enabled me to learn and grow.

Lorna (a long time maintainer/contributor) announced that the team will be discontinuing the hosted platform due to the lack of contributors and time to maintain the project. Reference: Discontinue hosted project · Issue #739 · joindin/joindin-web2 · GitHub I (and several others) have been having conversations about what we can do to help ensure the hosted project not only continues but thrives as an open source project and community.

I have started a discord channel to discuss what I’m calling “Project Next Steps” with a goal of delivering a proposal to the current joind.in team for a plan to move forward and on board a new team of eager contributors and maintainers. The team will have a structure, and may even form its own legal entity. We’re focused big picture at the moment so if you’re wondering about details we are a little sparse there at the moment.

How can you help?

  • Join us in Discord: Discord
    • Read the Pinned Messages
    • Review our Proposal
    • Discuss how you want to be involved
    • Sign our proposal

FAQ & Comments

  • Why are you doing this?
    • Joind.in gave us 10 years, I want to ensure the next 10 years of service.
    • I want to continue to push for mentoring and on boarding new contributors AND maintainers
  • “You should use ‘random technology’”
    • We’re not ready for these discussions yet however if you’d like to help join discord!
  • My company can do “_____________________”
    • I will be making a note and coming to talk to you once our proposal is accepted!

You can find the current draft of our proposal here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FIGRqwWDGOvKnKo8HDan90SuC13mMXz2tKf1U61DEFU