June 11, 2021

The Workshop: S3 Storage with MinIO - php[architect] Magazine January 2021

This month we’re diving into running our own S3 compatible open-source server via the open-source project MinIO. We’ll configure MinIO alongside our local development environment so we can easily replicate the integration of our application with S3 object storage without operating on “production” storage buckets or having to setup “dev” buckets. Amazon’s Simple Storage Service...

learning phparch writing php s3 data storage


August 6, 2015

Upload Test Artifacts From Travis-CI to Amazon AWS S3

I've spent a lot of time the past few days trying to get test artifacts to upload to Amazon's AWS S3. I've also spent a lot of time correcting typos from "artifcats" to "artifacts". I'm not sure what an "artifcat" is, but I know what a test artifact is. A test artifact is some file that is created during a test. In my specific case it's the _output folder from my Codeception acceptance tests....

laravel testing aws devops s3 testing